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Illustra Media

(2005 - 67 + 45 min. Additional Info) Take a fascinating journey into the interior of a living cell - an elaborate microscopic world with distinct systems that overwhelmingly show evidence of intelligent design. Did life on Earth - with all of its incredible complexity and diversity - arise from an undirected evolutionary process, as many scientists have believed since the time of Charles Darwin? Until recently, Darwin’s theory has gone relatively unchallenged in the scientific community, and it dominates the propaganda promoted in our schools. But now, powerful new evidence points to an exciting explanation known as the theory of intelligent design. Four men who have greatly altered the intellectual landscape, Philip Johnson, Michael Behe, William Dempski, and Stephen Meyer, have now collaborated on a video that is one of the most impressive efforts that we have had the privilege of reviewing. Featuring state-of-the-art computer animation and persuasive insights from leading scientists, this riveting video examines an idea with the power to revolutionize our understanding of life and its origin. Unlocking the Mystery of Life is sophisticated and challenging, yet ideally suited for the entire family. It is unquestionably one of the most provocative and professional products we have seen in this arena.

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