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Surprising Discoveries presented by Jonathan Gray. Goes into some detail about the findings by Ron Wyatt and Jonathan at Skull Hill, and the finding of Jesus’ blood. Ron Wyatt has astounded much of the archeological world by discovering many of the most significant archeological finds of the Bible. A simple faith in the literal statements contain of God’s word, and close communication with and a abiding faith in his heavenly Father gave him privileges that many others longed for. Ron passed away early August 1999 after years of struggling with cancer. His family who has participated extensively with him intends to continue his archeological efforts.

Jonathan Gray, noted explorer, archeologist and author, either had to prove Ron right or wrong. He put his money to work to check out the facts. What he found out was astounding! The Surprising Discovery video series and the Ark of the Covenant (and other Discoveries) CD-ROM were created to enable you to travel with him on his verification expeditions.

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Surprising Discoveries: Searching For The Ark Of The Covenant

The Ark and the Blood: The discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

This is a good video that more quickly walks through the purpose of the Ark of the Covenant and Ron Wyatt’s discoveries. While I’m not completely on board with the conclusions in the definition of the mark of the beast and the apparent implications that it is tied to Sabbath keeping, the idea that God would reserve this to be revealed at the end could in many different ways fit with how events are prophecied to unfold. For instance, I could see this discovery being a trigger that would make the state of Israel as it is today much more religious and spur the rebuilding of the temple.

Surprising Discoveries: Red Sea Crossing

Surprising Discoveries: The Lost Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

Surprising Discoveries: Noah's Ark Discovered

Surprising Discoveries: Lost Secrets of the Ancients

Surprising Discoveries: Into the Forbidden Valley

Surprising Discoveries: Smuggled out of the Desert

The Killing of Paradise Planet: Lost History from the Pre-Flood World

The True Story Of Noahs Ark


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