Video | Thunderbolts of the Gods

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This video by David Talbott is also available for purchase from his website.

Challenge yourself, your peers, your teachers. Recent discoveries in space have amazed and perplexed scientists. Current popular theories in the sciences can neither predict nor explain the phenomena we are now observing. In THUNDERBOLTS, American mythologist David Talbott and Australian physicist Wallace Thornhill and their associates propose a new theory which can both predict and explain these phenomena. 5,000 year old rock art, the origins of world mythology, planetary history, spectacular nebular forms in deep space, and high energy electric discharges in the plasma laboratory -- all are inextricably linked by the Electric Model. In an extraordinary synthesis of the scientific disciplines THUNDERBOLTS presents us with an astonishing new perspective on ancient history and leading-edge astronomy.

More information on the Electric Universe Theory.

I also highly recommend checking out the SAFIRE Project videos from 2017 to 2019, which are a scientific project to test in a lab the theories of the electric universe and plasma physics. They've made some amazing breakthroughs that can lead to clean energy and even cleaning nuclear fuel waste.