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If you’re interested in some video footage of UFO’s I’ve filtered out some that I think have some merit. These videos are educational as well as clips of UFOs that I thought were pretty intriguing. For instance, the NASA videos show streaks of light speeding up from Earth’s atmosphere against gravity and sharp angle turns of glowing lights. You know the Bible refers to angels as light. We’ve been so de-spiritualized through the workings of the mystery of iniquity that it all seems just too fantastic. I believe this is another sign we are in the end times. I’ve never seen one myself, but I can see how they fit into Bible prophecy and the idea of Satan being the prince of the power of the air and an angel of light. So far the majority of reported interactions are negative, but I believe that these are spiritual in nature.

Return of the Nephilim

This video covers many aspects of this topic from a Biblical perspective. Chuck Missler presents his evidence including photographic evidence of a communiqué for Washington D.C. caught on a photograph taken at the second press briefing on the incident at Roswell in 1947. General Ramey was explaining that the previous report of a saucer craft was actually a weather balloon. Some of the words could be made out stating, “the victims of the wreck” and “in the ‘disk’ they will ship” as reported by the Associated Press Albuquerque, NM. November 22, 2002. DVD is available to order here.

Alien Abductions Explained: UFOs & the Bible in History and in Prophecy

This groundbreaking documentary from Think Again Productions brings together UFO research and Biblical scholarship. These two fields of knowledge placed together bring new insight into the UFO phenomenon and alien abductions and demythologizes ancient accounts of angels and gods. What does Bible prophecy say about the role of UFOs in the future? Featuring Dr. Chuck Missler, Dr. Barry Downing, Dr. David Jacobs, Sigung John Peel.

The Secret NASA Transmissions ‘The Smoking Gun’

On March 11, 2000, in front of an assembled audience of UFO enthusiasts and the media, evidence was presented that would appear to indicate the existence of, not one, but two types of unknown extraterrestrial life forms. Labeled “Phenomena One” and “Phenomena Two” by a man who spent several years recording and logging thousands of hours of NASA space shuttle transmissions, this historic footage and the story that lay behind its discovery can now be revealed.

More NASA Footage of UFOs

Jaime Maussan - UFO Conference 2005

“Update: Since originally posting this video I have seen a video which proves that one of the UFO that was captured on film by a man that Jaime interviewed was proven a faked image. Jaime chose to ignore the evidence and only believe the man he interviewed, taking his word over the truth.

Be aware that some of Jaime's investigations have been proven to be fakes, yet he chooses to ignore the truth. This may not apply to this video.

The entire video is about 1-1/2 hrs, but due to rules it had to be split into smaller (10 parts) files. It’s worth watching every bit of it and has some of the best UFO video footage I’ve ever seen. Jaime is the best and most prolific researcher in this field. A huge amount of information and evidence here from encounters from the 1st to the 2nd kind, answers to crop circles and their meanings, and the best video evidence yet of why we can’t always see the UFO’s. If you haven’t already seen this, don’t dare pass it up, especially if you have seen one and are looking for answers. Prepare to be blown away.” - YouTube