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An Update

I’m focusing more on cleaning up the Bible study portions of the website and making things a little easier to both find and understand. There may be stories added every now and then, but the newsletter was taking up so much time to manage and I need to focus on scripture first. News posts will likely be posted here.

For the most part these will be related to my current understanding of prophecy related to the coming times. You can make your own Google Alerts for keywords and get alerts as they happen, once a day, or once a week. At this point, related to:

  • "Abraham Accords" - The studies of the visions of Daniel and John overviewed in The Fourth Kingdom page and linked to detailed studies of each chapter there, I am watching for a growing attempt for peace and cooperation among Israel and Arab nations in the Middle East. This would eventually lead to the ten horns and the idea of God putting it in the hearts of the ten kings to give thier power to the beast. Currently the Abraham Accords, even in the midst of the Israeli-Hamas War, holds greater odds than at any other time in modern history of a sort of peace in the Middle East. Even so we know that the little horn plucks three that fall before him, so it’s not all peace. Clearly any kind of alliances in the Middle East are news of interest, but right now this is the one with the most progress.
  • "red heifer" - In order for the priests and temple to be consecrated for service, the ashes of a red heifer without blemish are needed. Numbers 19 This is very rare and only nine have been sacrificed in history for this purpose. According to The Temple Institute, the tenth will be by the Messiah. As this is a requirement for a temple, news related to this is of interest.
  • "Temple" - There are a subset of Jews who have for years been planning and preparing for the day they can return to the Mosaic Law in full and rebuild the temple and all the ministering that it involves. The Temple Institute is a great place to understand how far they are. However, there are obvious political and religious ramifications for this because the Temple Mount is believed to be the original location for the first and second temples. Therefore, either the Dome of the Rock has to be replaced, or some other location has to be determined. The Bible says that the temple will exist in some form in order for the man of sin to stand in it and declare himself god. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-14

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