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A Jewish Antichrist?

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Disclaimer: I do not claim to have all the answers. As with everything there is a certain amount of growth that happens over time and this page is my journey to find those answers. Acts 17:11 speaks to what I hope from anyone reading this page as I also attempt to strive toward the goal of being a compitent watchman.

Chris White introduced some interesting thoughts on a man of sin with Jewish origins, or at least claiming to be the Messiah. My initial thoughts had been skeptical and is something that requires more study, but this has really caused me to re-think some of my previous paradigms that I’ve studied Bible prophecy in.

I don’t have much to add at this point as Chris White has done extensive research and presented it through several books and podcasts so I’ll point to Chris’s Bible Prophecy Talk website for more information. I intend to do some more research, organize my thoughts and present a shorthand review of this here in the future.

False Christ: Will the Antichrist Claim to Be the Jewish Messiah?

The thesis of this book is that the Antichrist will attempt to present himself as the Jewish Messiah, that he will try his best to appear as if he is instituting what Jewish believers know as the Messianic Age and what Christians know as the Millennial reign.

This book will show that much of what we know about the Antichrist points to the conclusion that his goal is to deceive the world into believing that the Messiah has come, that the Messiah is, in fact, God, and that he deserves the worship of the world. His destruction of the enemies of Israel in Daniel 11:40–45, his seven-year covenant, his rebuilding of the temple and starting the daily sacrifice, his eventual ending of the sacrifices and sitting in the temple to accept worship, his making Jerusalem the capital of the world, even his promotion by the False Prophet (who, this book argues, will claim to be Elijah) all support this position. This view will be presented in great detail and special attention is also given to objections to it.


Below are some of a series of podcasts released back in 2013/2014, chapters of Chris White's book above. He has graciously made this book and his other books available for free here and I highly recommend reading them. This book is also available as a audiobook.

Messiah ben Joseph

Messiah ben David